Residential Moving

Residential Moving

residential moving orange county

What is Residential Moving?

Here’s how we look at it:

  • Moving from one house to another house
  • Moving from an apartment to a house
  • Moving from one apartment to another apartment

(Moving companies put residential moves into some broader categories)

A testimonial from one of our clients:

“We moved in August from a 2500 SF 2-story house in Laguna Hills, CA to a 2400 SF 3-story (including basement) in Colorado. Everything about our experience with La Habra Relocations and Wheaton Van Lines was exceptional.”

Laura W.

La Habra Relocations (LHR) is the best moving company in Orange County, California. Whether you’re moving across the street, across the country, or across internationally, La Habra Relocations can help you with the whole process.

Why Choose La Habra Relocations?

La Habra Relocations offers the best price and quality of residential relocations in Orange County, CA. We offer:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • The best price for residential moving in Orange County
  • A free quote for all kinds of movings
  • Offering boxes and supplies for all your moving needs
  • A licensed and insured moving team
  • We also carefully move fragile items such as furniture, pianos, and even cars

Are you ready to move into your new house? La Habra Relocations eases your residential moving in Orange County so that you have a comfortable start. Here’s how!

Residential Moving in Orange County, California is more comfortable with La Habra Relocations!

Moving into a new house can be as daunting as it is exciting to a homeowner. It’ll be a new way to start life and the beginning of a new set of memories as well. But what about the whole process of shifting? La Habra Relocations eases your residential moving in Orange County and makes the settlement smooth enough.

Why should you choose La Habra Relocations?

La Habra Relocations is one of the best moving companies in Orange County and offers their services throughout the houses of California. Having experience of more than 40 years in the moving business, they have been known for their systematic approach towards work and dedication for customer satisfaction.

The company works in partnership with the renowned Wheaton World Wide Moving and is one of their 250 goods moving agents. These moving companies in Orange County have an experienced team including proficient drivers, packers, loaders, account managers, warehouse managers, supervisors and others.

These professional movers customize plans of your moving venture and specific requirements so that you get a highly satisfactory service.

Services provided by La Habra Relocations:

  1. Are you moving from a house to an apartment?
  2. Or is it from an apartment to a house?
  3. Or are you moving from an apartment to another apartment?
  4. Or your house to another new house?

Whatever it should be, they are trained and adept in handling such bulk projects. No matter wherever your address is – in the next lane or some other country, this team will make sure you have a comfortable beginning in your new residence.

Generally, residential moving in Orange County, California is categorized into three major divisions.

  1. Local moves: Within 50 miles of the state.
  2. Intrastate moves: More than 50 miles but within the state’s territorial boundary
  3. Interstate moves: To a different state; across the territorial lines of the nation

These moving companies in Orange County are well-aware of the rules and regulations to be followed for interstate moves.

The authority to move beyond state lines:

If you are moving internationally, La Habra Relocations along with Wheaton World Wide Moving has the special permission of interstate moves. From packing and loading to unpacking, they stay with you throughout the whole process.

What’s more? The company has all the necessary equipment and infrastructure to ensure all your prized possessions (whether big or small) are safe and taken of the utmost care.

Why choose La Habra Relocations for residential moving in Orange County, California?

These professionals can take up this entire responsibility for you. As you are looking for moving your house to a new residence, you can contact these experienced movers at (855) 519-2444. Discuss with the representative regarding your requirements and you could also request for an estimate for the price you are comfortable with. They offer all-affordable packages and exciting deals without adding any extra charges to your bill. You can also contact them through email. La Habra Relocations would be more than happy to be a part of your new journey as being a reliable residential moving company in Orange County, California.

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