5 Tips for Choosing the Best Moving Company in Orange County, CA

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Moving Company in Orange County, CA

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Moving Company in Orange County, CA

Moving is a huge problem, be it relocating to a new address for personal or business reasons. It involves filling up your boxes with your entire life and selecting what to take and what to leave behind. Are you confused about how you should pack your things? Clueless about how you will move away from your current address? Are you doing all the heavy loading? Do not worry! Hiring a moving company will eliminate most of these problems.

They supply you with great techniques and tips for packing, move the boxes, load them into the trailer, unload them and ensure that you face no trouble while relocating. However, it is not an easy feat to choose a moving company. Listed below are some points you should look into before hiring one.

How to choose a moving company?

1. Check the license
The license is of the utmost importance when looking into hiring a moving company. However, the license differs based on whether the movers do business across the state lines or just within Orange County, CA. For companies, which deal with moving outside the state, they should be registered with the Federal government and contain a DOT number. For local ones, you can check with your state moving association to verify.

2. Get insured
When you look to hire a moving company, ensure that they provide insurance. Trusting the movers simply with your belongings, no matter how careful they are, is no the best decision in mind. Most companies offer two kinds of insurances: full value and released value protection. While the former cost is a bit extra, the latter doesn’t cost anything. However, while full value protection makes the mover replace any item that they damage or displace, the released value makes the movers pay a nominal amount if anything is damaged or misplaced.

3. Ask relevant questions
When you are hiring a moving company, it is imperative that you ask them some relevant questions to ascertain how suitable they are for the job. Listed below are some such questions:

  • Does the company arrange for background checks on employees?
  • Does the company hire any third party crew during the moving process?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Is it just temporary help that would be done for moving your packages?
  • How sure are they of their delivery date?

4. Reputation matters
Reputation is the best way to check the suitability of a company to handle such business operations. Check how good they are as movers and how good their ratings are on various websites. Companies like La Habra Relocations have testimonials put on their sites to help customers decide. So, check the authenticity of such matters.

5. Get an estimate
It is essential that when you hire movers, you get the correct estimate. The rating depends on whether you hire labor at a fixed cost or hourly cost. If it is hourly based, be sure to shell out around $300 per hour for moving. If you want to use a 28ft trailer, then a fixed cost estimate would be around $4,000 to $10,000.

So, start your packing and keep these tips in mind when choosing the best moving company! Get searching and contact the best moving company in Orange County, CA now!

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