10 Tips to Know Before Hiring the Best Moving Company in Orange County

10 Tips to Know Before Hiring the Best Moving Company in Orange County

10 Tips to Know Before Hiring the Best Moving Company in Orange County

Moving to new locations is no easy feat. To simplify the process, it is necessary to hire a moving company that would deal with all the hassles of organizing, packing, loading and moving your belongings to a new location. However, with so many services coming up, it’s nothing impossible that you might be in the wrong hands. So, in order to hire the best moving company, it is necessary to look at reliable suggestions.

Expecting a smooth moving process is nothing next to a miracle, which sees fruition when you choose the best company. So, go ahead for the 10 amazing tips:

10 tips to know before hiring a moving company:

At the foremost, you need to understand that not all movers will be experts and hence, won’t guarantee quality moving, without harming your belongings. Therefore, when looking for movers to hire, you need to look at reliable sources for suggestions and follow the ten tips stated below to hire one effectively.

1. Make your inventory

Creating a list of all the things that need to be shipped allow you to control the process of moving meticulously. If you rely on the movers to make the inventory for you, they might miss out on something. Whereas, when you create the list, you are bound to be pretty thorough as you do not want any of your things to be misplaced.
Making an inventory of your belongings also allows you to ascertain how much it would weigh, the amount of packing you would need and so on.

2. Acquire an estimate

Next, the best business moving company will take a look at your inventory and provide you with a rough estimate of how much it will cost. It is imperative that you acquire the inventory right at the beginning to avoid being charged any additional or hidden charges at the end. The estimate depends upon:
• The weight that needs to be shifted
• Size of the moving truck you avail
• Labor costs
• Any hurdles while loading or unloading the belongings by the movers like the presence of stairs, small doorways, etc.

3. Ensure that you experience a thorough walkthrough from the movers

Once you have received a ballpark figure of how much it will cost, and if you are satisfied with it, arrange for a walkthrough. A walkthrough allows you to determine how good the movers are. They will have some issues for you like what are the plans for your new location, what you plan to load into the truck, etc. for a better service.

4. Ask relevant questions

When hiring a mover, it is necessary to ask certain questions related to your moving process. Ask questions such as:
• Whether packing your belongings is included.
• Will they load and unload the belongings or do you need to hire extra labor for that?
• Will they provide with the boxes and packing materials?
• Is there any additional cost included?
• Would they be willing to give out references?

5. Ask about insurance coverage

Another important thing to look at while hiring a mover is the kind of insurance coverage they provide with. You have to be aware of the amount of protection that is available for your belongings. Ask them about the safe keeping of your belongings- who are responsible? Who will reimburse it in case it is damaged or lost? What is the procedure for that?

6. Are they reliable?

Whether they are reliable are not can be well judged from the references you receive from them and the reviews available online. The best moving company should have a physical address which should turn out to be true when you search for it. They should be transparent about their business and explain the entire procedure of moving as thoroughly as possible. They should be registered with the US Department of Transportation to operate within a state.

7. Beware of additional charges

Often, many movers levy additional charges upon their customers, without any prior intimation. You need to find out exactly what will you be charged for.
• Will they charge you for packing?
• What about fuel? Will they charge you for that?
• Any surcharge for narrow streets?
Find out what classifies as additional charges and talk to the movers about it.

8. Find out as much information as you can

Before you hire a mover, it is necessary to find out as much information as you can about them. Find out where they operate from and whether they are permitted to operate in Orange County as well as between states? Many moving companies have the registrations and required permission to operate between various states.

9. What about packing?

Many movers include packing within their services whereas others classify it under additional services. If you do not want to deal with the hassles of packing your own belongings, then look for a reliable mover who would do that for you. The best business moving company usually includes everything in their package.

10. How much experience do they have?

Experience in moving matters as it allows you to ascertain whether you would avail their services and if they have the requisite expertise to handle such a process. It is, therefore, essential to find out how long they have been operating in this market.
Also, check the number of clients they have handled so far. Do they only deal with individuals or are they responsible enough to handle business relocations as well? What’s their success story so far? Any glitches? Try to get answers to all these aspects.
These tips will successfully help you choose the best moving company for your purpose. However, there are certain things that you need to avoid and which should be a red flag when you go on to hire a mover. These four things are stated below.

Red Flags: 4 things to avoid when hiring a mover

a. Blank contracts
If a moving company asks you to sign a blank contract, that should immediately turn on the red flag in your mind. Signing a blank contract means that the movers can direct and change the terms of agreement anytime they want and harm your interests in the process.

b. Extra charges
The best moving company will be transparent about all the charges and will levy no hidden additional costs on your bill. It is best to communicate your concerns about the same to the movers, prior to signing any contracts.

c. Switch in the company name
When researching about a mover, if you see that a company has changed its name several times before, avoid it altogether. The chances of the company being bad at moving, if not a scammer, is rather high.

d. Bad reviews
Read the testimonies and reviews prior to signing up with any moving company. If you find a few bad reviews, it is best to avoid such a company as it will arouse your suspicion about their adeptness.

Go ahead and employ these tips to successfully choose the best business moving company in Orange County and make the process a smooth one. La Habra Relocations is one of the best moving company in Orange County, California is well equipped to handle all kinds of relocations. They are the only ones who are certified for interstate moves. So, you can trust them completely. If you are interested, contact them today to know more details. Happy relocating!


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