10 Questions to Ask When Hiring An International Moving Company

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring An International Moving Company

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring An International Moving Company

Relocating/moving is not a one-day job and I know that. It takes a lot of planning and proper execution so that the whole process runs smoothly.

When it comes to moving in the same state, it is still easy, as you will get help from friends and family. But what if you are planning to travel long distances? For example, shifting to other countries or some other continent? There is nothing to worry until you have the option of hiring an international moving company.

I can help you with a guide of questions that will help you reach out to the right moving company.

10 must ask questions to a moving company
‘It is better to be safe than sorry.’ If you have heard this phrase; why not imply it? Get professional international movers and clarify your doubts with the following queries:

1. Is your moving company licensed?
Sounds childish to ask such a question? Remember, this is the first question that will save you from fraud and forgery. After asking this question, make sure that you check the license too.

2. What kind of shipping services do they offer?
This inquiry will satisfy the query whether it is a door-to-door or terminal to terminal service. After that, one can plan the rest of the process of their relocation.

3. Will they give insurance?
It is but obvious that fragile items will be shifted by the moving company. What will happen if some mishap occurs? If they are insuring your items, then all the damage will be covered without you paying any extra charge.

4. How will they handle the shipment through customs?
Know if they have people handling this particular section. Otherwise, no one wants to lose some of their precious entities there.

5. What is the mode of payment?
Knowing the means of payment will help to plan beforehand. If they are willing to accept credit card, which bank, or how much extra tax they are charging, one should know all.

6. How much experience do they have?
It is obvious that ‘professional’ companies will have experience. This will also determine the quality of the services that they offer.

7. How will they carry on the paperwork?
Managing legal documents can be a bit draining. Check the points they are putting in the agreement paper before signing and also talk about the points that are not very convincing. But whatever be the matter, do not carry on with any transaction without paperwork.

8. What will be their assistance of your belongings after overseas transport?
Once you reach your new place, an international moving company will provide assistance, but ‘how’ is the question. Take the details of people who will be assisting your belongings there. Get in touch with them via mail or give them a call to avoid any miscommunication.

9. What are the items that cannot be shifted?
There will be more than a few kinds which cannot be shifted as per rules and regulations. It is the mover company’s responsibility to give prior information regarding the same.

10. Is there any record of mishap before?
Knowing about customer feedback will help in understanding their standards of work. This way you can have peace of mind regarding your precious belongings.

In my opinion, if you are looking for an experienced moving company, go to La Habra Relocations, with their international partner Wheaton World Wide Moving. They are one of the best and most experienced in Orange County, California. With them, I can now wish you Happy Relocating!

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